Dmitrov Factory of Flexible Packaging (DZGU) - one of the largest producers of modern polymer packaging materials for food and pharmaceutical industries, as well as industrial products is presented at the packaging market since 1979.
In 1979, DZGU was one of the first to start production of composite materials. Just in Dmitrov, first in the USSR, aluminium based laminated material was produced. Today LLC "DZGU" is a successful, fast growing company with high potential and production capabilities.

We produce packaging materials for the following products:

    - Diary, fat and oil

    - Fish and meat

   - Pasta and cereals

   - Bread and confectionary

   - Frozen vegetables and pre-cooked meals

   - Baby food

   - Jam, ketchup and sauces>

   - Ice-cream

   - Tea and coffee

   - Snacks

   - Hygiene products

  - Pharmaceutical products and medicines

We produce and sell:

  - Polypropylene non-oriented film

  - Laminated films (including PET/PE; PET/PP; PET/Alu/PE; BOPP/PE; BOPP/PP)

  - Multilayer films

  - Vacuum bags

  - Underlayer films

  - Blister packaging

  - Alu foil with thermolaquer

  - Laminated Alu foil

  - Shrink films for industrial and group packaging and many others.

Highly qualified specialists and modern equipment allows us to make a complete production cycle starting from the development of a unique design-project up to manufacturing finished products with high-quality flexo printing. We do our best to make the packaging to be the best seller of your products!